How We Work

We're different from most video companies.

Getting Started

We’ll start by getting to know you, your business, your objectives and your audience. During the initial meeting, our executive producer will gather the details on specifically what you are hoping video will accomplish for your business. We don’t start talking about creative concepts until you’ve set the ground-rules – how much time you have, what budget you are comfortable with and who on your team will participate.

At the end of that meeting, you’ll decide whether to move forward to a production outline.

Your Project is Scoped Based on Your Needs and Budget

Our executive producer will follow up with a proposed production agreement based on your budget and timing constraints. The production agreement will recap the key points of our initial meeting and outline a suggested production plan for your approval.

You are Introduced to Your Production Team

Once you sign the production agreement and pay your initial deposit, you will be introduced to the producer who will act as your project manager and be your primary point of contact throughout the project. Your producer will take care of all the details of production management: guiding you through scripting, storyboarding, casting, production, post-production and distribution of your video while keeping an eagle eye on budget control and timelines.

Pre-production and Planning

Your producer will schedule a creative meeting with your team to finalize your choices on the approach, shooting styles and video format that will ensure both you and your business show your best side on camera. We will also finalize the production date and filming locations. Budget will be confirmed based on the decisions you make at this meeting, and your second installment on the contract will be invoiced.

Prior to the production date, the locations will be scouted and a technical plan for setting up your shoot will be completed.


On the production day, your crew will bring the necessary equipment to the location for the interview. For most productions, this involves a two man team consisting of your producer, who will act as interviewer and our director of photography, who will take care of the technical aspects of production.

Your team will be responsible for ensuring that the production crew has space to set up and that all interview subjects are ready and available for their on-camera spot.

The length of this process all depends on the need and size of your final video. Typical projects require between 1 and 3 production days.


When all filming has been completed, the production team will create a completed version for your review and approval, and will guide you through the process of requesting any changes or suggestions you may have. The video will be accessible only by private URL until you approve it’s publication. At this point, your final payment is invoiced.


When you approve the final version of the video and pay your final invoice, our team proceeds with distribution according to the plan agreed to in the pre-production stage of the project. This may upload to your YouTube account or other sites, delivery of a single copy on DVD or production of a master for mass duplication. Depending on your needs, we may also include social media promotion of the newly released video.

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Find Out if We Can Help You

Download our video planning toolkit today or invite one of our video producers to your office for a complimentary consultation.

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