Why You Should Use Video for Marketing

If a single picture can speak a thousand words, imagine what a three minute video might do. In a time where the internet and social media sites are the mainstream conveyance for information around the world, the importance of any growing company to have web-based marketing capabilities is all the more crucial.

Consumers and audiences everywhere are pushing the ‘play’ button as an alternative to spending time reading endless text. Giving them that option greatly increases your ability to hold their attention long enough to make the necessary impact. Taking the step toward video marketing has profoundly proven to expand branding and credibility.

Benefits of Online Video

video marketing for SEOSEO Boost
Search engines like Google actively seek out relevant sites with video to push higher in their search results. and don’t forget Youtube. By having a video, you are including yourself in the second largest search engine.


increase your reach with video marketingLarge Audience
In September 2011, ComScore, a digital analytics company, reported that 85% of the United States watched video online during that month. Who would pass up that kind of audience to promote their business?


Use video marketing to highlight your capabilitiesShows your capabilities
Video gives you a chance to visually demonstrate exactly how your product or services can help your clients.

video marketing a life of its ownA life of it’s own
Video is mobile, viral, and compelling. A great video can be shared between countless people, far extending your companies reach. The possibilities are endless!


video makes a great first impressionGreat first impression
Your site is likely the first impression you make on your customers. Video allows you to make the best impression possible by visually and vocally appealing to them in a more personal manner than text alone could allow.


video for long term investmentLong term investment
A well produced high quality video holds its value for a long time. A one time payment can end up being an incredibly valuable long term investment that you can use for years.

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